Eddie Wakes landing photo
From Walt Disney, to the Oscar Award-winning film "La La Land", Eddie has enjoyed an impressive trek throughout the Entertainment world! There were three tributaries that converged into a big river in the American heartland where Eddie Wakes was born. Like the great Mississippi, inherent streams of Big Band Jazz, 'Blues Shout' (Joe Turner), Country, Folk and Rock music merged with his parents’ deep Southern traditions of Gospel, Blues and Soul music from the post 2nd World War era. Eddie was baptized in these churning waters. Music education was ambitious in the Midwest! The hallways of learning were always filled with the sounds of solo and choral arrangements by great composers of every era & genre. Then, on Sundays, there was Gospel music in Church! Eddie was often moved by the singing style of his Father and harmonized with his eight brothers. He consumed Gospel music; studying the best artists of the genre—tracing their influence on both popular music and Pop Culture. But, it was after hearing Nat Cole and Frank Sinatra that a deep and permanent soul tie was forged between Eddie and The Great American Songbook!